Martin to Meet at Alabama Sheriff’s Summer Training Conference

(Orange Beach, AL) – On Monday, Republican Candidate for Alabama Attorney General Alice Martin will meet with sheriffs at the Alabama Sheriffs Association Summer Training Conference. Sheriffs, deputies, and members of local law enforcement will meet for four days to identify the issues they encounter while performing their daily responsibilities and how to ensure safety in their communities at the same time.

Martin plans to share her experience ousting corruption, while also learning about the issues where sheriffs need the support and resources of the Office of the Attorney General. “Alabama has the finest men and women serving in its law enforcement, and it is crucial that we give them the tools and support to root out crime and corruption at the ground level,” said Martin. “The Attorney General’s office and sheriffs across the state need to empower each other to keep Alabama moving down the path of success.”

The Summer Training Conference is aimed at teaching law enforcement how to recognize problems within the agency, as well as how to address these problems in a way that protects the public. Included in the conference is a career development program titled “Confronting the Toxic Employee.” The training lasts from July 30th to August 3rd and is being held at Perdido Beach Resort in Orange Beach, AL.

“Meeting with groups like the Sheriff’s Association is where real solutions to Alabama’s biggest problems are found. These men are the boots on the ground. They know the harm corruption can cause in county government all the way to the state house, and they agree it’s time for someone to put their foot down and protect the taxpayers,” Martin said. “This state deserves a government that lives up to the highest ethical standard, not a government that constantly tests what it can get away with. We must not settle for the status quo that has been the norm of the past decade. Conferences like this are essential to ultimately regaining the public’s trust.”