Dare to Defend – Campaign Podcast

For Immediate Release:

Alice Martin Campaign announces Dare to Defend campaign podcast with host Brett Janich

Montgomery, Ala. — Alice Martin, candidate for Alabama Attorney General, today announces the release of a new campaign podcast ‘Dare to Defend’ with host Brett Janich. Alice Martin is running for Attorney General to end corruption and the status quo in Alabama politics. For too long, politicians have kept voters and constituents in the dark and that’s why Alice Martin is launching a podcast, a first of its kind for a major candidate for a statewide office. The weekly podcast will allow Alabama voters to hear directly from her on the issues that matter to them.

“The new podcast aims to provide voters with an inside look at Alice and her campaign for Attorney General, from now until the primary in June 2018.” said Brett Janich, host of Dare to Defend. “In many ways this is unprecedented because never before has a major candidate for a statewide office provided this level of transparency.”

In the first episode you will get to know Alice Martin and learn her position on Sanctuary Cities. You can listen to the podcast on Soundcloud.com or iTunes.

“I want the citizens to send a strong message to people they elect that they expect accountability from politicians,” said Alice Martin, Candidate for Attorney General. “I also want people to feel like they are engaged in politics, and my new podcast is one way I believe they can stay engaged with my campaign.”