Alabama Legislative Watchdogs Endorse Alice Martin for Attorney General

(Montgomery, AL) — Alice Martin, candidate for Alabama Attorney General announced today that the Alabama Legislative Watchdogs, a Rainy Day Patriots Team, has endorsed her for Alabama Attorney General.

“Alice Martin is the best candidate for Alabama’s Attorney General,” said Ann Eubank, Chair of Alabama Legislative Watchdogs. “She has a proven track record of prosecuting corrupt public officials, and will not hesitate to take on even the most powerful politicians to clean up the “Alabama Swamp”. Alice will also stand for the people of Alabama against the takeover by the federal government and will not hesitate to sue for our Tenth Amendment rights.”

“As the Alabama Legislature continues into its second week of sessions, I am excited and honored to receive the endorsement of the Alabama Legislative Watchdogs,” said Martin. “Groups of concerned patriots like the Watchdogs are so important in ensuring that our government keeps its nose clean and works solely on behalf of the people. We need to clean up our state government with the help of groups like the Watchdogs, and I’m going to do exactly that as Attorney General.”

The Alabama Legislative Watchdogs is a Rainy Day Patriots Team that monitors the Alabama State Legislature during each of their sessions. They refer to themselves as, “Alabamians’ eyes and ears of our State Legislature.”

“Stopping corruption has to be the top priority of our Attorney General. The people of this state deserve a government that maintains the highest ethical standards, and it’s time to finally put our foot down,” said Martin. “It’s time to elect a leader who will clean up the corruption, end the insider backroom deals, and apply the law fairly. Not only do I promise to accomplish this, but I have the record to prove that I will get it done.”

Alice Martin previously served as Chief Deputy Attorney General, responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Office of the Attorney General from 2015 to 2017. Under her leadership, legal resources of the public corruption unit were tripled and former Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard was convicted. Martin also previously served as a federal prosecutor for President Reagan and George H.W. Bush, and as United States Attorney for President George W. Bush responsible for 31 counties of north Alabama. Seeing no effort to combat corruption in government, Martin established the North Alabama Corruption Task Force which obtained 140 federal corruption convictions and earned her a spot in Corporate Fraud Report’s list of the top ten prosecutors in the country. Martin previously prosecuted extensively in the area of federal firearms, narcotics, and white collar crimes.


Alice Martin is the former United States Attorney for Northern Alabama (2001-2009) and former Chief Deputy Attorney General for Alabama (2015-2017). She is running for Alabama Attorney General.